Iluka’s products (zircon, rutile, synthetic rutile and ilmenite) are used in a wide range of consumer, lifestyle and industrial applications – they are part of everyday life.

Titanium Dioxide


Titanium dioxide pigment is opaque (white), UV resistant and inert. Uses include paints, plastics, paper and inks.
Titanium Metal

Titanium metal has high strength to weight ratio and is corrosion resistant. Uses include aviation, defense, sporting goods and medical applications.

Titanium dioxide is important constituent of welding to shape, hold and protect the weld pool from atmospheric conditions. Uses include ship building and fabrication.

Uses include solar cells, water purification, cancer treatment, noise absorption.



Zircon is opaque, water, chemical and abrasion resistant.
Refractory & Foundry

Zircon is heat resistant and non-reactive. Uses include steel and glass manufacturing and metal casting.
Zirconia & Zirconium

Zircon has many other unique properties. Uses include fiber optics, electronics, catalytic converters, nuclear fuel rods, cosmetics