Sustainability at Iluka means integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into business practice, and ensuring safe and responsible conduct underpins everything the company does.

Iluka governs its sustainability approach through a series of polices and management systems that span across six key elements.

Social performance
Iluka respects human rights, engages meaningfully with stakeholders and seeks to make a positive difference to the social and economic development of the areas in which it operates.

Iluka seeks to manage its impact on the environment, use resources efficiently and leave positive reclamation and closure outcomes.

Economic responsibility
Iluka is committed to sustainable economic outcomes allowing us to share economic benefits with the communities in which we operate, while creating and delivering value to shareholders.

Iluka is committed to conducting its business in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Iluka seeks to attract and retain the best people while building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and high-achieving workforce.

Health and safety
Iluka is committed to achieving an injury-free workplace, eliminating accidents and protecting the health and well being of its employees and other stakeholders.

Iluka reports on the above sustainability activities annually, including land reclamation and rehabilitation, water use, waste management, biodiversity, and product stewardship. Read the 2018 Iluka Sustainability Report here.

Further information on Iluka’s sustainability approach and management can be found here.